The ambition of the Texas de Jure Assembly is to unify the people of Texas with a common destination to regain freedom

and sovereignty and to hear the voices of the people of Texas. We intend to become the genesis of a new paradigm as a sovereign society, based on compassion, self-determination, and self-governance.

Each member of the Texas de Jure Assembly has volunteered their talents and expertise to champion the cause of becoming a free and sovereign nation-state, participate in humanitarian initiatives, and usher in a new era of self-governance.

We recognize the magnitude of the work ahead of us, as we endeavor to create a powerfully unified pool of dedicated individuals from across the state. We raise our voices in unison to create the world we envision and to protect the freedom and sovereignty of our children for generations to come as we usher in a new paradigm.

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In our effort to identify our state’s most critical needs, we have established 10 core committees which will work to create the necessary foundations to execute the best solutions to improve the lives of all Texas residents.   Our council members are dedicated to the restoration of our great state and are strategically organized to build a state of the art infrastructure, assure the health and wellness of all Texans and are intently focused on empowering our children and recreating an educational system aligned with universal truths. 


Every Thursday at 7:30 PM Central Time


Meeting ID: 826 4855 9645

Passcode: 2021