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July 7, 2020
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Andrew Mark Cuomo


This lawful notification letter addressed to you, Andrew Mark Cuomo, requires your specific written response within 10 days of receipt of service to the above-titled subject matter, (PO Box 863516, Ridgewood, NY 11386).


The first essential step of due process of law is notification of legal/lawful responsibility.  Silence, being acquiescent under the law, can be equated to fraud when the legal or moral duty to speak is considered or when such unanswered inquiry is misleading, whether intentional or not. Responses that are immaterial or irrelevant to the subject matter, or that are generally non-substantive, will be treated merely as a provision of information, and legally, as a non-response with willful intent to defraud.


In order to ensure unequivocal clarity and affect the removal of any and all assumptions and presumptions, you are hereby put on notice.  This notification is not directed to the legal fictional person, ANDREW MARK CUOMO, but to you, Andrew Mark Cuomo, in your private capacity, as a non-fictional entity who has sworn an Oath of Office, and who, by virtue of that Oath, has a mandate to serve We The People (see Title 4 USC sec.101).


Every ordinance of man that inherently recognizes the supremacy of God and of the pre-eminence of His Law, Biblical Law, (e.g. The People's contracts of the Ancient Charters and Statutes confirming the subjects’liberties; the Treaty of Paris 1783; the Maxims of Common Law; the Constitution of the united States of America with the Bill of Rights; and the Constitution of the State of New York),  together with the mandated Oath of Office of the above named PUBLIC SERVANT, do constitute  irrevocable and unconditional offers of intent by the respective and adoptive governments and their officers to act, or refrain from acting, in a specified way toward private Citizens, being binding upon those who choose to be subject to it, as your Oath of Office has so bound you, as a PUBLIC SERVANT of our government.


Be it therefore known by those present, that we, the members of the New York Assembly, a competent assembly of natural born men and women upon the land, do hereby and herein give formal Notice of Acceptance of the mandated Oath of Office of the above named PUBLIC SERVANT, (Andrew Mark Cuomo). Your Oath of Office, an open, binding and irrevocable offer to which our acceptance does hereby ratify it into a firm and binding, private, bilateral contract, does secure your agreement to uphold the Supreme Law of the Land  (also known as the Constitution of the united States of America with the Bill of Rights), to perform all of your duties as a PUBLIC SERVANT, to uphold and to protect all of our rights, and in agreement we receive the said, and the implied protections and provisions of your Oath, and of our rights, both, and further of the services of your Office as the valuable consideration passing between us consummates the acceptance of this contract as it was offered.


This, our Notice of Acceptance of your Oath of Office, is made in good faith and explicitly without recourse. The contract between us, now irrevocably consummated, pertains to your receipt of knowledge of the law, and thus the duty to stop a wrong from being done, particularly where such a wrong results in, or causes any deprivations to our spiritual, faith-based freedoms, civil rights, natural rights and/or liberties, the deprivation of which, in whole or in part, shall be deemed a breach of contract, a violation of substantive due process, a breach of public trust, and a breach of fiduciary duty, all or any of which you shall be held liable without recourse and without further notice.




The New York Assembly