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Onboarding Zoom calls are held regularly. 

Please see our calendar for links and times.

This onboarding meeting is where we welcome new members to our Texas de jure Assembly and show you the ropes. No one here is a politician.  We are regular people, just like you who care about Texas and our world.  We operate with kindness, love and respect for our neighbors even when we disagree.  

OnBoarding Meetings are to help you learn how the public meetings are conducted and how Parliamentary Procedures and Robert's Rules of Order keep things running smoothly.   This is very important so everyone can be heard in a timely manner.   

What you need to know:

  1. 3 Meeting Rule: Secretary will keep track of the 3 Meeting Rule - must attend at least 3 meetings and complete membership application to become a general member  https://www.texasassembly.info/join-texas-de-jure-assembly

  2. Resolution of One Accord: Secretary will collect each members Resolution of One Accord document - print, sign (blue ink)

  3. MAILING ADDRESS: Texas de jure Assembly, P.O. Box 131733, Spring, TX, 77393

  4. Voting: Texas Assembly Members in good standing may participate in voting

  5. Grievances: Submit a Grievance or provide a solution by completing the website Grievance Form https://www.texasassembly.info/grievances

  6. 2 Minute Time Limit: Sergeant of Arms - will help keep the order and timing at the meetings and adherence to the 2 Minute Time Limit, please finish your comments by stating, "I yield" when complete.

  7. 3 Flags & Out Ruling: Sergeant of Arms will handle any situation if a member acts in an aggressive, belligerent & unkind manner towards another member, they will be given a warning flag and after 3 flags they are out.

  8.  Member Duties: - we will ALL are responsible for helping in some way, find something to do or ask what can you do.

  9. 9 Core Committees: need volunteers for all 

    • Officers, Law & Law Enforcement Committee

    • Treasury Committee

    • Needs Assessment Committee

    • Family Services Committee

    • Educational Development Committee

    • Health & Wellness Committee

    • Nature Preservation and Protection Committee

    • Project Management Committee

    • Security Committee

  10. Global Restoration Assembly Meetings - not a law-making body, 2 types of meeting

    • General Session.
    • A chance to learn about and discuss items with global impact, led by the Global Intelligence Agency and the Global Directorate Office.
      • Breakout Session for Global Restoration Assembly Core Activity Committee.  A chance for representatives from all over the world to present obstacles, solutions and best practices in a collaborative effort to learn from each other.

  11. Global Meetings will be used to benefit humanity. Regular meetings will give representatives from any/every Restoration Assembly the opportunity to pool solutions on a global level and bring ideas back to their local assemblies. Different people can be chosen to attend to Global Restoration Assembly meetings as decided by each territory.

  12. Needs Assessments: If you see a need in your community, please report it, members may take videos, report news, ask what is needed in their communities, present these items to the Assembly

  13. Projects: if you have a project, invention, idea to improve, business start up, need help planning, salvage a business that went under in 2019, submit an application, no limits, not a loan, grant money  https://www.texasassembly.info/project-submission  

  14. Membership Growth: invite people to meetings, post flyers, social media shares, hand out cards, etc.

  15. Officer Positions:  CURRENT OPEN POSITIONS: Co-Sergeant of Arms, Co-Coordinator, Co-Secretary, Historian, Co-Treasurer, ALL COMMITTEES!

After you get yourself acclimated with 3 meetings and get to know your Texas Assembly Members and they get to know you and your skills, we will help you find your role to participate.  Not everyone can do everything, so let's find what gifts you can share with Texas and make this world a better place.  

Right now we need MORE MEMBERS!  
Please share and help us grow.  
We have lots of work to do!

Welcome to Texas de jure Assembly!

This is a living document that will be updated according to the people of Texas who assemble and vote.

Revised May 14, 2021 by Public Relations Officer

Please complete the questionnaire below and return via email to txasecretary@protonmail.com to
guarantee your spot on our next call!