Who Are We?

In our effort to identify our state’s most critical needs, we have established 10 core committees that will work to create the necessary foundations to execute the best solutions to improve the lives of all Texas residents.   Our council members are dedicated to the restoration of our great state and are strategically organized to build a state-of-the-art infrastructure, assure the health and wellness of all Texans, and are intently focused on empowering our children and recreating an educational system aligned with universal truths.  We are actively securing multiple projects to address our water, land, air, and food sources.  We are passionately in the pursuit of protecting our children through projects to stop child trafficking, providing real resources and resolutions to families in need alongside a system of intervention that addresses the core issues providing real-time solutions.  Additionally, we are researching our local laws in preparation to redress the concerns and grievances that impact the residents of Texas while we transition into Natural Law.


We recognize the magnitude of the work ahead of us and encourage all residents of Texas to get involved by joining the Texas de jure Assembly.  Together we will make the greatest impact for Texas and secure a safe, healthy, prosperous life for us all.


Guidelines for Natural Law: 


  • Do no harm, cause no loss & do not trespass except in the defense of the innocent.

  • Use LOVE as our moral compass through Natural Law to guide the principles of our conduct and interactions with all.

  • Use your innate ability to decipher right from wrong.

  • Be selfless and united in your service to each other and in all you seek.

  • Hold each other accountable to Natural Law with the spirit of LOVE at all times above all.